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Integrated Approach On A Green Labeling And Green Marketing

The world population is growing day by day, and a significant number of people around the world are facing hunger. Energy demands are constantly increasing, and increased energy demands are triggering global warming. In order to limit global warming to 2 ° C, the use of fossil fuels should be limited significantly. Otherwise, we can say that easily, it is possible the world will emerge from being a place where our children can live. Using environmentally sensitive products, sustain a respectful living environment, inevitable to maintain the continuity of the world. At this point we are encounter with the environment friendly, eco-friendly, eco product and eco label on behalf of moving to understandable size on eco product. As the concept of marketing of them, green marketing concepts are born. If considered, the most valuable inheritance to be left to future generations is a livable environment. Dissemination of green marketing and green labeling are inevitable. In this respect, there are many tasks in this issue to international organizations, countries, non-governmental organizations. Such as work out for increasing awareness of people, creating tax advantages, regulating legislation and creating campaigns. The aim of this study, in terms of sustainability of nature to create solutions for the widespread of green marketing, to create awareness. Index Terms- Eco friendly, environmental label, green label, green marketing, green product. Jel Codes: M30, M31