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UFIT: Ubiquitous Web Services Using Ontological Knowledge Engine For Improving Physical Fitness

The measures of health-related physical fitness provide assessment to five fitness components for a person: 1) cardiovascular endurance, 2) muscular endurance, 3) flexibility, 4) muscular strength, and 5) body composition. The improvement of physical fitness generally leads to positive health-related physical fitness and makes the body less prone to common diseases. A personalized exercise plan that aids a balanced level of achievement in each of these fitness components is essential for an individual to maintain a healthy body. This research aims to develop an ontology driven knowledge-based system for generating specifically designed exercise plan in accordance with user profile and user’s test data that involves Health Level Seven International (HL7)-based data of physical fitness and health screening. The generated plan can be accessed by using any Internet-enabled device through the paradigm of RESTful web service. In order to generate an exercise plan which is customized as well as pragmatic, the encapsulated knowledge used for inference in the system is acquired from the domain professionals. The system developed can serve not only as an intelligent system for improving physical fitness through generating personalized exercise plans but also as an UFIT for avoiding inappropriate work outs. Index Terms - Health-related physical fitness; Personalized exercise plan; Health Level Seven International; Knowledge-based system; Ontology