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Stream Flow Simulation for Ayeyarwaddy Basin

This paper presents stream flow simulation for Ayeyarwaddy basin and rainfall-runoff model which has been widely used to formulate a reliable relationship between the precipitation (input of the model) and runoff (output of the model). In the rainfall-runoff model, terrains processing of watershed delineation and basin characteristics (basin slope, longest flow length, etc.) of Ayeyarwaddy basin are processed in HEC-GeoHMS which is extension to ArcGIS. Curve number grid map for study area is developed by using soil map, land use map (2014), CN lookup table and filled DEM in utility tool of HEC-Geo HMS. Transformed and loss methods are defined by SCS-CN method. Base flow is estimated by Recession model and channel routing which is calculated by Muskingum method. The daily rainfall for fifteen years record, base-flow data, land use data and soil data are used to simulate runoff and calibration process in HEC-HMS model. Peak discharge and volume of the values in model are 124193.6 m3/sec and 3761.34 mm in respectively which are simulated results in Pyay (outlet). The calibration process in Pyay (outlet), the difference in volume percent is 28% and that of peak flow is 15.81%. After simulating the hydrological model, streamflow rate for Ayeyarwaddy basin is obtained. Keywords - Channel Routing, HEC-GeoHMS, HEC-HMS, Recession Model, SCS-CN, Stream Flow.