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Effect Of Bakiko (Spinach-Chitosan-Collagen) Membrane In Burns Healing

Background:Burns are a global public health problem, accounting for an estimated 265.000 deaths annually. Burns injuryneed a complex wound treatment because they are opened wound that damage epidermis and tissues below and it stimulates the process of inflammation, infection, and on the severe condition, evaporation of body fluids followed by heat and energy lost. Local treatment of burn injury must have an effect as antimicrobial, anti inflammation, antioxidant, and give moist condition for the wound that can accelerate healing process.Spinach, Chitosan, and Collagen are use full in wound healing process as antiinflammation, antioxidant, and antimicrobial. Materials and Methods:This research uses quasi experimental in vivo with post test only randomized control group design. This study were divided into 4 groups, each group contain nine rats. Control is a group that is not given any treatment. Positive control group is a group that given burn wound plus bioplacenton. Negative control group is a group that given burn wound. Treatment group is a group that given burn wound plus BaKiKomembrane. We observed the macroscopic process of burn healing. We also measure burn’s areas with ImageJ software. Result:BaKiKo membrane treatment in the treatment group and Bioplacenton in the K+ (positive control) group can improve the burn wound healing progression compared to the K- (negative control) group. This is supported by statistical analysis which shows that the data obtained show significant data because p <0,05. Conclusion: Combination of spinach, collagen, and chitosan can accelerate the progressive healing of burns because it can stimulate collagen synthesis. Keywords: burn healing,chitosan, collagen, spinach