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Key Generation Cryptosystem Using An Arduino In The Wireless Sensor Network

The wireless sensor network (WSN) is connected with a physical sensor or other things. The wireless sensor is connected to the internet using current technologies and communication protocols.Some reports describe WSN is a Internet of Things (IoT).The massive uses and speed up of the WSN, from small network to large industrial applications, raise new serious problems that are related to security.Recent reports on internet security strongly highlighted vulnerability of IoT, and the risks continue to increase exponentially, especially with the sensor of tiny network.Wireless sensors connected to the internet will create a lot of threats. To avoid network threats, security approaches must take place to ensure a set of criteria that is a resistance to attacks, data authentication, access control, and client privacy.Due to limited tiny, wireless sensor capacities as a CPU, memory and the energy, need a cryptographic algorithm and concepts of cryptosystem based on embedded. RSA is a powerful cryptographic algorithm based on a number theory. In most of cases, we use RSA algorithm to secure communications, data and keys exchanges in an internet.RSA is one of the famous cryptographic algorithms that involves robust the encryption and decryption processes. This paper describes a key generation cryptosystem using Arduino. It is a popular open-source microcontroller which has been widely used in many applications. Due to its low cost, convenience and flexibility, it develops rapidly and is applied widely. The objective of this work is to generate a public key based on mid-scale prime number and is to distribute the key as soon as possible. A cryptosystem can be used as wireless sensor network gateway. Index Terms - RSA, Cryptosystem, Arduino, Key Distribution.