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Connecting Curriculum Learningand Cyberart As A Pedagogical Innovation To Facilitate Adult Learning

Foradult learners who were not able to complete high school the Brazilian ministry of education offers evening courses so that they can finish their studies.However, the 30% completion rate of these adult learners is very low.Participants in the PROEJA-Transiart Project ( are adult learners, between 18-70 years old, and one of the project’s goals is to support them in the completion of high school. The transiart group includes researchers and adult learners in two high schools in the city of Ceilandia, near Brasilia. Participants worked in groups to produce cyberart related to curriculum learning and to facilitate adult learners. The theoretical approach used in this research is based on creativity through the use of new media (Bolter & Grusin, 2000). The research question focus on whether adult learners working collaboratively with new media benefit from this approach to learn curriculum material. The research methodology is the action research (Lewin, 1947; Barbier, 1996), which facilitates change in social and educational settings. Three moments of the action research in the change process are discussed: unfreezing, moving, and freezing (Lewin, 1947). Research results show that the completion rate in selected classrooms where the transiart project was implemented increased to 54%. Keywords - Adult education, action-research, cyberart, collaboration, group learning