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QOS Performance Analysis For Non-Real-Time Traffic In LTE – 4G Mobile Network

In This work, QoS performance Analysis for non-real-time traffic such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Electronic Mail (E-Mail) over LTE -4G network studded. The framework of the study focused particularly on two areas, firstly, focused on the non-real time traffic major QoS parameters, such as FTP transfer average time, HTTP paging response average time and E-Mail uploading response average time for FTP, HTTP traffic applications respectively. The second area focused on the impact of presence the VoLTE traffic on these parameters in two cases, case 1, when the VoLTE traffic profile configured with G.711 codec and on the same time activated the Voice Activity Detection (VAD) feature. In case2, the VoLTE profile traffic configured with G.711 codec and deactivated the VAD features. Two scenarios designed and simulated using Optimized Network Engineering Tool (OPNET). The results show that, in the case of non-real time traffic generated and mixed with VoLTE G.711 codec traffic of VAD configuration profile, the average time performance for E-mail Uploading response, FTP transfer and HTTP paging response are better and significantly improved. In contrast, in the case of the VoLTE with codec G711 traffic of non-VAD deactivated profile, the performance of non-real time traffic degraded in term of average time compared to the first case. While the overall LTE network QoS performance still performing in the acceptable level in term of Throughput and end-to-end delay. Keywords—QoS ,Non-real time;FTP; HTTP,E-Mail.VAD