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Graphical User Interface Based Solver For Su-Do-Ku Puzzles With Multiple Solutions

This paper describes a Graphical User Interface based solver for the SU DO KU puzzles with multiple solutions. If a puzzle has multiple correct solutions, then, manual solving will be almost impossible. The described solver provides one correct solution for puzzles that have multiple solutions. The solver implements the elimination, random assignment and backtracking search algorithm to solve the puzzle. The solver is developed using Visual C++ and it is easy to use. The solver is also powerful enough to detect puzzles that do not have even a single solution, and the user can redesign the puzzle. For solvable puzzles, the solution is found in less than a second, which is and an advantage. The solver is encapsulated in an installer along with some puzzles for users to install and practice. One major advantage is that the solver by itself is only 96 KB and the complete installer is only 140 KB. The solver is uploaded in the internet and can be downloaded and used any time. Keywords- SU DO KU, Multiple Solution Problems, Backtracking Search.