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Planetary Rent As An Instrument For Building A Resource Saving Economy And Solving Global Problems

The contemporary and classical understandings of rent help to form the concept of planetary rent. Rent is part of the income obtained from not only invested labor, but from Nature itself. Indeed, nature provides certain conditions for the better use of resources as factors of production. In this sense, rent should be perceived as an element of common heritage. It should be obtained and used according to the institutionalized rules for the needs of society as a whole. While most people have no problems with this idea when applied to natural rent, we will try to apply this approach to some other types of rent that exist in the global economy. We will do that at the level of individual states, the world and humanity in general. We will consider not only the narrow interests of individual social groups, but all of the Earth's biosphere. Index Terms- Planetary Rent, resource saving economy, global problems, bioshphere.