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Nonlinear Optimal PID Controller Design Using Direct Transcription Method For A Half-Car Active Vehicle Suspension System (AVSS) In Presence Of Road Disturbances

Satisfying costumers’ requirements is the key factor in maintaining market share of large automaker companies. In this manner, one of the most important features is isolating passengers from annoyance of vibrations initiated from road surface roughness. At the same moment, ride quality and steerability are other major aspects that must not be sacrificed. As a result, a great deal of effort is made to improve suspension system of cars to achieve this goal. In this paper, authors have modeled a half-car active vehicle suspension system(AVSS) with new features and acceptable accuracy. We have proposed an optimal control method based on direct transcription to control a half-car AVSS in presence of road disturbances. Simulation results show desirable performance in controlling important parameters. Index Terms- active vehicle suspension system (AVSS), feedback, half-car model, nonlinear control, Direct Transcription, nonlinear, optimal, PID controller.