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Assessing Saudi Arabian Business It Capabilities for Online Selling Adoption

This study investigates the impact of online selling opportunities in Saudi Arabia using Net-Enabled Business Innovation Cycle (NEBIC). The research model has three factors:1) selecting enabling technologies (SET); 2) comparing proposed technologies with economic opportunities (CEO); and 3) implementing information technology as business innovation for growth (IITBIG). The model explores power of the net-enablement variables (SET, CEO, and IITBIG) that accommodates both online sellers and offline sellers in Saudi Arabia to test whether online sellers are associated with better developed net-enablement variables compared to offline sellers in Saudi Arabia. A survey questionnaire has been designed to collect data from the firms operating in Saudi Arabia and selling their product / services online using Internet. A sample size of 500, by using convenience method, selected but received 338 responses. The correlation and regression analysis performed to test the model and descriptive statistical analysis also carried out. The study reveals that there is high correlation exists among the components of all the three constructs and the correlation between SET & CEO and CEO & IITBIG also found positive and the hypothesis accepted. Keywords- Net-Enablement, On-line selling, on-line buying, dynamic capabilities, Growth