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Strategies for Reforming Buildings Roofs Improving The Efficiency and Aesthetics (Case Study: Samen Municipality of Mashhad)

Roof is known as the fifth facade after four main facades of the building and comes to a high percentage of the total area which covers the city. Roof has been part of the living space in Iran architecture but today, for some reasons which mainly are the result of lifestyle changes, not only they do not have the productivity and efficiency of their past but also they have caused confusion in city landscape. This research has investigated roofs of Samen district in Mashhad from the reforming view through the survey method. The study area was divided into tiny zones by defining criteria such as the importance of buildings that are constructed after approval of the detailed plan. Some items such as allocating large areas of the roof to installations, lack of coverage for installations that are on the roof, dispersion of installations, lack of facades for surrounding walls of roof, placement of additional equipments on roof and visibility of roof Installations and equipments from the street had important role in roof's confusion according to the survey. Also some items such as preparing an architectural plan for roofs, assemblage of roof installations, covering the installations by plates or masonry materials were seen as effective items in roof reforming. As a result items such as considering incentives and fines, preparing an architectural plan for roofs as well as planning for it, urban and architectural rules codification for roofs and supervision on roof's construction by proctor organizations were identified as reforming strategies of future roofs. Index Terms- Aesthetics, Building roof, Efficiency, Reform