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Sport’s Social Contributions to Restoration With The Social Support Programs Practiced in Turkey

Development fact is expressed as the general aims of societies and countries. This fact always keeps the schedules of governments busy and increases the welfare levels of countries. Within this scope, “Social Support Program (SODES)” was initiated in the period of Turkish Republic 60th Government (in 2008) in order to contribute to the development of Turkey as a social development program. SODES was initiated in order to develop the human capital and support the social integration process in disadvantaged regions by providing solutions to poverty, unemployment and migration problems while meeting the needs of the changing social structure in a short time. SODES consist of three main components as “employment”, “social inclusion” and “culture, arts, and sports”. The component “culture, arts, and sports” was initiated in order to improve the cultural, arts and sports activities, which are needed by the society, reveal the talents of especially children and teenagers by guiding them to these types of activities and help them acquire useful traits for themselves and the society. The program was put into effect in 9 cities in 2008 and it is still resumed under the care of the Ministry of Development in 34 cities today. In the study carried out in this regard, data of the sports component were conceptualized and evaluated descriptively within the framework of the current literature. Keywords- Development, Sports, Social Development, Turkey.