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Integrated Bim/Rfid-Based Facility Management System

Facility management (FM) has become an important topic for research and academic study on the operation and maintenance phase of the construction life cycle. Managing FM effectively is extremely difficult owing to various environments. One of the difficulties is the performance of 2D graphics when depicting facilities locations. Building Information Modeling (BIM) uses precise geometry and relevant data to support the facilities to describe 3D object-oriented CAD. This paper proposes a new and practical methodology to apply FM with an integrated RFID and BIM approach. Using RFID and BIM technologies, this study proposes an Integrated BIM/RFID-based Facility Management (IBRFM) System for FM staff in the operation and maintenance phase. The IBRFM system is then applied in selected case study of a commercial building project in Taiwan to verify the proposed methodology and demonstrate its effectiveness in FM practice. Using the IBRFM system, FM staff can access and review 3D BIM models for editing related maintenance records in a digital format. The combined results demonstrate that an IBRFM-like system can be an effective visual FM tool. The advantage of the IBRFM system lies not only in improving FM work efficiency for FM staff, but also in facilitating easy FM updates and transfer in the 3D CAD environment. Moreover, this study presents a generic system architecture and its implementation. Keywords: BIM; Building Information Modelling; RFID; Information System; Facility Management, Maintenance Management