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Reflections On Language Acquisition And Bilingualism � A Study

In teaching �learning process, a famous writer has said that; mind grows by what it feeds, be it in an infant, student or an adult. This could be in cognitive or biological learning. This might be even in L1 or L2 learning.The proposed paper is based on the sub- theme - Language acquisition and bilingual Innovations. The main intention is to reflect on aspects of language acquiescing, two language learning (curriculum and communication) purposes, and new researches. Discussions on First Language Acquisition & Second Language Acquisition (in brief), facts of Acquisition as a mental and behavioural process will be done.Furthermore, the focus is on importance of learning- is it critical or not. Theoretically understanding bilingualism as multi-faced and multi- thinking process. Man�s thinking is determined by the language he knows, and he has to explore various means to study other languages, too. The proposed paper is to find out the result of bilingualism especially Arabic and English where the former is right branched and the latter is left branched. In countries where there is two or three curriculum, what is the impact on learners? The whole intention is to encourage students to have command over two languages with ease.