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The Changing Trend Of Collaboration Patterns In The Social Sciences: The Case Of Korea, 2013-2016

The central concern of this work is to examine whether there have been any meaningful changes in collaborative research patterns among social scientists, especially by focusing on the research performance of social scientists who received research grants through the Korean government�s academic support policy, the Social Science Korea (SSK) program. Seeing as existing studies relatively disregarded the institutional conditions triggering collaborative research, we examined collaborative research patterns in a total of 927 papers published under the umbrella of the SSK program in peer-reviewed scholarly journals from 2013 to 2016. Analysis results showed levels of collaborative research surpassing 70%, increasing much quicker compared to other research done in the social sciences. Furthermore, collaborative research could be a more useful way of gaining scholarly recognition than individual research in highly competitive international academic fields. We tentatively suggest that policies which combine competition and cooperation along with financial aid can be the institutional backdrop to stimulate productive collaboration research patterns. Keywords- Collaboration, Coauthorship, Social Science Korea (SSK), Competition, Cooperation, Policy