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Mitigation And Management Level Planning To Landslide, Study Case: Ngadimulyo Village, And Tumenggungan Village, Wonosobo Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

This Paper discusses about the correctness of mitigation and management planning towards a Landslide Disaster. Landslide have been a major issue in these villages in the past seven years. The main issue concerning the increase of potential landslide in these villages are the uncertainty of extreme weather patterns as well as major land use changes in the area. This study was done in Ngadimulyo Village and Tumenggungan Village in Central Java in Indonesia. Although both village were not the most hazard prone to landslide in the Central Java Province, the study was done to understand how the people mitigate and manage in response to the landslide disaster in the area. This study consists in 3 main steps; the first step of this study is to analyze the villages which part of the villages are the most prone towards the landslide disaster by using spatial analysis overlay method consist of different variables. The second part of the study is to get the data directly at the field, to observe, verify, and interview key informants to acquire the data regarding the management and mitigation method in response to landslide. The third and last part of the study which is aim of the study is to analyze the acquired data, and classify those data based on scoring analysis of which area that are has the correct and optimal way to mitigate landslide based on descriptive analysis. Index TermsóLandslide, Mitigation, Management, Prevention