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Contextualism As A Basis For An Environmental Architectural Design In A Globalized World

This article is about so-called �contextualism� of 80�s, once a rigorous, discursive approach in architecture proposing a conceptualization of the relation between architectural and urban designs with their physical and cultural environment. While setting globalism and its effects on contemporary architecture as a problem for environmentally responsible architecture it revisits the basic ideas of contextualism from the viewpoint of two intellectual frameworks from arts, to establish a more inclusive view of contextualism towards understanding and conceptualizing the present situation. It identifies the great match between the present situation and the conditions that led contextualism to arise, and tries to show how contextualism is in a position to say something about the present �predicament� of contemporary architecture and how it contains a potential to contribute to environmentally responsive architecture today. Index Terms� environmentally responsible architecture, contextualism, Colin Rowe, Collage City, globalization, globalism