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Managementinnovation Strategy To Face The Competition Of Domesticcommercial Flight Business In Indonesia Case Study: Garuda Indonesia Airline

Innovation is an essential part to be done bycompanies in order to survive for the tight competition in business industry. Being innovative does not just creating new product using the expertise of market researchers, and product developers. It also involves using capabilities of everyone in organisation to achieve the process that help new product to reach the market effectively and efficiently. Garuda Indonesiabecomes one of many companies that successfully innovate in their core business. They do a good innovation in their marketing strategy as well as in the company's management structure. In thispaper, a review of selected innovation strategy has been undertaken by Garuda Indonesia that can provide a competitive advantage and sustainability in the global market. Based on the literature review, a framework has been developed with key factors/enablers that determine the resilience and competitiveness of innovation strategy of Garuda Indonesia. This framework has been empirically studied by collecting data from annual report, and data from company. It involves a sample of competitor and provides further insight into the key characteristics associated with resilience and competitiveness of Garuda Indonesia airline that are influenced by advances in operations strategies, technology and globalisation. Finally, a detailed summary of findings and conclusions are presented. Keywords- Innovation; resilience; competitiveness; strategy.