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Critically Evaluating The University Students’ Opinion For Necessity Of Political Ecology Nominations Within The Sri Lankan Parliament

Political ecology is the discipline aims to at study of the relationships among political, economic, social and cultural factors wrapping up with environmental issues and changes. Political Economy and Ecological analysis are the two major theoretical areas of political ecology. Sri Lanka is facing environmental issues such as: deforestation; soil erosion; coastal degradation; air pollution etc., and due to these issues, it faces number of problems such as Tsunami, flood, land slide, earth quake, cyclones etc. Therefore it is necessary to have a dialogue, concrete based policies and practices to cater the environmental issues in future. Main objective of this study is to critically analysis the University students’ opinion on the necessity of political ecology nominations in the Sri Lankan parliament. According to the results originated by this research, majority 76% expected the necessity, 21% expected not necessity and 3% not answered for political ecology party nomination. Even though the university students don’t have much aware about this new concept they are willing to welcome new political concept in future. Also there is yet another blind area this is because of frustration about current political scenario or to achieve sustainable development of the country. Hence finally Researchers’ concluded there is a positive feedback from university students about the new concept: political ecology nomination” for the betterment of Sri Lanka’s future in achieving sustainable goals and becoming a middle income country within the region. According to the high potential shown through the results for forming a green political party, it is recommended to form a party, do a vast publicity campaign with the collaboration of interesting parties through public private partnership and include as a part of a subject in the school curriculum. Keywords: Ecology, Environmentalism, Green economy, Sustainable development, Political ecology