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Workload Factor Encouraging Job Stress Among Pt3 Teachers In School District Kapit, Sarawak

This study aimed to identify the factors that are driving workload stress level among teachers in the school district Kapit, Sarawak. The study population comprised 152 teachers who work in four schools in the Kapit Division. A total of 100 teachers selected a sample of four schools are random. This study design involves quantitative descriptive survey method. Questionnaires were used in the data collection process and the results analyzed using Statistical Package of the Social Sciences (SPSS). The analysis was done by using descriptive statistics, namely in the context of frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation and regression analysis were used for Part C. The results of this study indicate that teachers experience stress at a moderate level and influenced by the workload. Key Words- the workload, the level of stress among teachers, school district Kapit