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The Effects Of 4mat Learning Model Supplemented With Concept Map On Achievement And Attitudes Towards Learning Of Student Teachers On Sufficiency Economy Philosophy

The objectives of this research were to study and compare the sufficiency economy philosophy achievement and attitude towards learning of student teachers before and after using 4MAT learning model supplemented with concept map. The sample used in this research were 1st year student teachers utilizing 24 students who were studying in the second semester, the academic year 2015 in UdonThaniRajabhat University, Thailand which selected by cluster random sampling. The research instruments were the 4MAT learning model supplemented with concept map of sufficiency economy philosophy lesson plan, the achievement test and the attitude towards learning questionnaires. The research was carried out by the one group pretest-posttest design. The data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, percentage and t-test for dependent. The results of this study were follows: 1. The student teachers who have been instruction with the 4MAT learning model supplemented with concept map have sufficiency economy philosophy achievement pretest mean score 39.33 (65.59%) after learning their posttest mean score is 50.29 (83.82%). The results show that the posttest mean score was higher than 80% and it was also higher than the pretest.2. The student teachers have opinion attitude towards learning mean score 4.11 (82.22%). The result show that attitude towards learning of the 4MAT learning model supplemented with concept map were at the “good level” Keywords - 4MAT Learning, Concept Map, Sufficiency Economy Philosophy