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The Effects Of Counseling Skills Training Program For Student Teachers

The purposes of this study were to study and compare counseling skills for student teachers who were learning through counseling skills training program in guidance psychology for teacher course. The research sample used in this research were 3rd year student teachers who were studying in the first semester, the academic year 2016 in Faculty of Education, UdonThaniRajabhat University, Thailand. The sample included 40 student teachers in two separate groups. One of the groups was considered as an experimental group in which counseling skills training program of instruction was used and the other was considered as a control group in which the traditional teaching has been delivered, and selection was purposive sampling. The research instruments were the counseling skills training program and counseling skills test. The research was carried out by the Pretest Posttest Control Group Design. The data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, percentage, t-test for Independent and t-test for dependent. The results of the study were as follows:1. The counseling skills within the experimental group, pretest and posttest were significantly higher than pretest at .05 levels.2. The comparison between experimental groups versus control groups at pretest revealed counseling skills were not significant difference. In posttest, the experimental group showed significantly higher scores than the control group at the .05 levels. Keywords - Counseling skills training program, Counseling, Guidance psychology