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Using The Technology Acceptance Model In Understanding Staff Acceptance And Attitudes To Use Lecture Capture System

Lecture capture is a process in which video recordings of live lectures are shared with students via the internet. Most of the higher education institutions in Hong Kong show a great interest in the adoption of this modern technology to learning and teaching. Determining the significance of a particular new technology and predicting the success of implantation is essential prior to its adoption. This research aimed to utilize the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in an attempt to assist Vocational Training Council in predicting the staff acceptance, attitudes and behavioral intention to use Lecture Capture System (LCS). This study proposed a theoretical framework that includes the core constructs in TAM: namely, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, attitude towards using, and behavioral intention to use. An additional external variable, the lack of LCS availability, was also adopted. An online questionnaire based on the TAM was developed and used to solicit information from 86 academic staff. The overall research model suggests that all mentioned variables either directly or indirectly affect the overall behavioral intention to use an LCS. Initial findings suggest the applicability of using TAM to measure the behavioral intention to use an LCS. Further, the results confirm the original TAM�s findings. Keywords- Technology Acceptance Model; Lecture Capture; Vocational Education; Panopto