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Using Reading Activities To Increase Student � Teacher Interaction Toward Reading Comprehension In Efl Classrooms

The objectives of the study are to investigate collaboration and interaction in terms of question and answer activities and to explore learner perception toward reading comprehension activities. The samples consist of 47 students who registered in an English for Humanities and Social Sciences course during the summer semester. The independent variable is reading comprehension worksheets; the dependent variable is participation among teacher and learner and peer- to- peer discussions. Data were analyzed using reading comprehension worksheets, examination papers, and questionnaires The results of the study are as follows: 1) group work participation effectiveness in learners� motivation and satisfaction in their learning, 2) the students having group work behavior at a good level for every component, 3) reading strategies being brought into group discussions, and 4) the students being able to explain the main idea of the passages among their friends. To sum up, reading comprehension worksheets have an effect on group work and create participation among teachers and learners. Key words- Interaction, reading comprehension, teacher role, student role, classroom environment.