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The Impact Of Earthquakes On Economic Development: Case Of Denizli-Turkey

Natural disasters are a clear example of people living in conflict with the environment. Disasters cause human, social and environmental losses and, sometimes, even threaten geopolitical stability, as in many less developed countries. In order to reduce earthquake damages, it is crucial to estimate seismic performance of buildings in tectonically active areas. Structural system, date and quality of construction and geotechnical properties of soil are important parameters, which affect seismic behavior of the buildings. In this study, building inventory data collected by Turkish Statistical Institute are used to assess the damage states to buildings in Denizli City. Damage assessment for the buildings is made based on an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on Pamukkale fault line. HAZUS methodology is adapted to reflect building stock in Turkey. Building damage, life loss and maximum ground acceleration maps, which will be used to prepare emergency plans and take safety measures, and effects on economy are discussed for Denizli. Index Terms´┐Ż Damage assessment, Denizli, earthquake, natural disaster, economic development.