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Exterior Night Lighting Of Historical Buildings: A Case Study Of Erzurum City

Urban space is used in accordance with people�s need at night as well as it is used at day light. Outer space used more intensely and for longer times in summer than it is in winter. At night, lighting of outer spaces used by people gets essential for functional, aesthetic and security reasons. Night lighting of urban outdoor spaces involves the artificial lighting of important places of cities such as main and secondary roads, green areas, sport facilities, urban squares, housing regions, immediate surroundings of public buildings, important commercial buildings of cities, shopping malls, historical buildings and monuments. Lighting of historical buildings; which are the important elements of cities; is important both to emphasise the identity of the cities and to make them live at night by putting forward their cultural features. This study focuses on the night lighting of historical buildings of Erzurum, which have important cultural heritages.