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Modifying The Interfacial Interactions In Gels By Selective Use Of Nanoparticles In Optimized Conditions

Biocompability, elasticity, and permeability of specific materials like oxygen, nutrients, etc. are very important parameters of the gels for their potential use for biomedical engineering, tissue engineering and biosensors. Various hydrogels have been studied by many research groups all over the globe for variety of applications including drug delivery, cell culture, etc. The microstructure and the deformation characteristics of the gels is influenced by the building blocks of the gel network. In the present work, the selected metal oxide nanoparticles have been synthesized using bottom-up approach. The dispersion of nanoparticles were treated to achieve desired concentration, and added to the hydrogel during the gel formation. The microstructures of the hydrogels have been studied for different dosage of the nanoparticle loadings, and they were tested for water adsorption capability. The comparative studies of the extent of water adsorption have been presented for different loadings of variety of nanoparticles for their optimized loading conditions. It optimized concentrations for selected nanoparticles have been found for imparting desired modification of deformation characteristics under variety of processing conditions. The interfacial interaction within the microstructure of the hydrogel is found responsible for the distinct properties of the hydrogels. Keywords: Deformation Characteristics, Gel, Nanoparticle Interactions, Optimised Loading, Structural Heterogeneity