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Study On Health, Fitness And Well Being Of Fire Fighters In Doha, Qatar

The demands of fire-fighting require high levels of fitness. Evidence suggests that 40-45% of all work-related mortality among firefighters are cardio-vascular related and significantly associated with firefighter nutritional status, aerobic capacity and cardiovascular fitness. The primary objective of this study is to understand institutional structures and ascertain knowledge, attitudes and practices of frontline firefighters and leadership practices among senior officers. We also hope to undertake a needs assessment and comprehensive health screening to enable us understand current practices, levels of health and fitness of staff, and how they can be improved. In this paper we present details on methods used for the study, a comprehensive literature review on the work of firefighters and the risk they are exposed to. There is evidence of an institutional structure, policies and procedures. However, implementation, especially of a health-related screening, training and fitness programme are needed to improve firefighter health and wellbeing. The analysis of data from the comprehensive health screening of a sub-sample of the participants would provide further insights and hopefully enable the planning of a framework for future actions in the Civil defence Department. Keywords: Firefighters, Policies, Practices, Kap Survey, Health Screening, Safety, Fitness, Training, Qatar: