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Seismic Behavior Of Rc Frames Retrofitted By Eccentrically Braced Frames With Vertical Link

Earthquake resistant structural design and strengthening of buildings are important subjects for many countries that is laying most of its land on earthquake zone. System and component based reinforcements can be performed through the process of retrofitting of reinforced concrete buildings. System based retrofitting type can be categorized into two groups. The first one is the traditional type that aims to fix the ductility, stiffness and the strength of the structures. The second one is the more innovative one that is oriented to reduce the effects of the seismic forces on the structures. Traditional strengthening techniques require heavy demolition and construction work. However, innovative methods that reduce the detrimental effects of earthquakes on buildings are generally expensive to implement, which makes them unsuitable for ordinary buildings. Accordingly, some researchers have focused on the methods that combine the advantages as well as eliminating the disadvantages of the both conventional and modern techniques. One of these methods is installing a link by applying an eccentrically braced system in the shape of �Y�. In this study, a link is designed and used as a shear element in order to understand the effect of the change at the length of this link on the behavior of system by applying an eccentrically braced system in the shape of �Y� connected vertically to the beam. For this purpose, single story, single span RC frame specimens were produced. The features of the RC frames were chosen according to the conditions of the current reinforced concrete buildings. Lean RC frame specimen were retrofitted with eccentrically braced vertical links. The produced specimens were tested under the reversible loads. Finally; with the help of the results of the tests, analyzed retrofitting technique improved the energy dissipation and lateral load bearing capacities of the lean RC specimen. Keywords: RC frame, Retrofitting, Y brace.