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Themes Of Alienation And Rootlessness In The Foreigner By Arun Joshi

The present study aims at exploring the sense of alienation and rootlessness from materialistic society prevailed in twentieth century Indian sophisticated society through The Foreigner by Arun Joshi. The present study is an attempt to analyze Arun Joshi’s ideas, his experience-based vision of life. He minutely observes the conflict between the traditional values and the modern materialistic approach to life. He notices the chaos and hollowness in the mind of the contemporary younger generation, which fill them with the sense of alienation and detachment. With his deep knowledge of Indian philosophy, Joshi suggests in his novels an entirely Indian solution to the spiritual crisis of the youth. The present study comprehensively examines Arun Joshi’s delineation of the commitment to life and action as against passive detachment. The novels chosen for the study is The Foreigner by Arun Joshi.. Keywords—Alienation, Rootlessness, Predicament, Salvation, Solution.