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English For Specific Purpose For Efl College Interns In International Tourism Industry In Taiwan: Needs Analysis And Challenges

In recent decades, international tourism industry has developed rapidly. Numerous researchers in the field of English for Specific Purpose (ESP) have identified the significance of designing ESP-based curriculum. Analyzing students’ learning needs and difficulties/challenges faced has been the integral part of ESP specialists. The research aimed to explore: (1) the perceived current English level of the college interns in International Tourism Industry; (2) English language basic skills needs in International Tourism Industry; (3) English language using difficulties and challenges in International Tourism Industry. A questionnaire was applied for the research purposes. 80 college interns in international tourism industry were recruited to participate in this study. Data were collected and analyzed. The research findings reveal that: (1) the EFL college interns’ English level is intermediate; (2) English language basic skills needs are: understanding the service requirements from the customers, fluent communication skills and professional reception skills at the workplace; (3) the most difficult challenges which faced by EFL college interns are foreigners’ accent and dialects use. Recommendations and pedagogical implications are raised for researchers and educators concerned with language learning and ESP curriculum design. Keywords: ESP, International Tourism Industry, Needs Analysis, Language Learning