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Analysis Of The Incoming Signal On The Antenna Arrayusing Singular Value Decomposition

Most of the signal processing applications have an ill-conditioning problem. This problem occurs when the number of sensors in array is more than the number of sources. In signal processing todivide the incoming signal into subspaces is another problem.It is well known in the numerical analysis literature that singular value decomposition (SVD) is a reliable method to solve these problems. This paper introduces the SVD method of signal separation into signal and noise subspaces and thereby retrieving the signal components alone.Two types of signals were used in this study, noisy and noiseless.The SVD method has applications in digital signal processing, such as noise reduction. We also used the SVD method to determine whether the received signal contains noise or not. So the noisy signal can be filtered and is prepared other signal processing steps. Keywords: Singular Value Decomposition, Array Signal Processing