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Factors Affecting The Adoption Of E-Payment On Transportation Service Application Using Modified Unified Technology Of Acceptance And Use Of Technology 2 Model

The increasing growth of e-commerce has encourage companies to innovate with technology, to develop a system of cashless payment in the transaction is one of the way, or commonly referred as an e-payment. However, it is known that the use of e-payment in Indonesia has not been much;it is only about 9%. Go-Jek as a popular online transportation service in Indonesia with the number of application downloads by 14 million users, has develop an e-payment system called Go-Pay. The use of Go-Pay itself is very high since it was first launched. This is a new phenomenon. Because in general the use of e-payment is still very small, but the use of Go-Pay iscontinues to increase. This study predicts the factors that affect the interests of users and the usage behavior in the using of Go-Pay as a payment transaction service of Go-Jek especially in Bandung by using the Modified Unified Theory of Acceptance And Use of Technology 2 model. The results showed that five factors in this study significantly and positively affect intention of using Go-Pay and three factors significantly and positively affect the use behavior of Go-Pay. Keywords´┐ŻE-Payment, Intention, Technology Adoption, UTAUT2