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Outlook Of Sediment Microbial Fuel Cell For Power Generation And Bioremediation Of Contaminants

Due to lack of a membrane and completely anoxic, sediment microbial fuel cells (SMFCs) are different from microbial fuel cells. The simultaneous production of renewable energy, bioremediation of contaminants and moderate functioning parameters, SMFCs have attracted the attention of many researchers. For power generation, many exoelectrogens in SMFCs have the ability to transfer electrons from electrodes by using four ways of natural electron shuttles. The most dominant mechanism is long-range electron transfer via conductive pili. The powering by microbes is an emerging technique for the remediation of contaminants from sediments. The pathways for transferring electrons in electrotrophs operate in the opposite direction from those in exoelectrogens.This review briefly targets on the SMFC prototype, power generation and contaminants remediation. Keywords: Electrodes, Electrotrophs, Exoelectrogens, Power generation