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Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on the Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Aluminium Alloys - A Brief Study

Cryogenic treatment is a low temperature treatment process widely used in recent years to enhance the material properties without sacrificing other properties at the same time. Cryogenic engineering is a branch of material handling process which has significant commercial applications. Cryogenics not only plays a significant role in enhancing the mechanical properties of Al alloys but also increases the resistance to stress corrosion which is of prime concern in various engineering applications, this has inspired researchers to adopt this technique in enhancing the properties of aerospace alloys and alloys used in the heat exchangers where the material has to withstand severe conditions of temperature and pressure. However the application of cryogenic treatment for the Aluminium alloys is still in the process and very few work has been done in this regard, the present work will provide and a comprehensive insight for the current state of research on the effect of cryo treatment of Aluminium alloys. Key words- Cryo-treatment, soaking time, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Stress corrosion.