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Word Of Mouth Communication Activities: Is It The Impact Of Customer Satisfaction?

This research aims to understand the word of mouth communication activities influenced by product quality. This research is an explanatory and evaluative research. The researchers want to know and analyze what the effective mediating variable is: customer satisfaction or direct purchasing decision? The sample of this research are 384 respondents using purposive sampling method. The researchers use questionnaires disbursement by google form. Data calculation and analysis are done by Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software 22.0 version. For the relationship between two variables, the researchers use Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) concept with LISREL 88.0 software. Eventhough the result of this research is that all the variables have significant influences but there are some interesting points of view on this result. Product quality has a strong impact to customer purchase decision but customer purchase decision has a low impact to word of mouth communication. This is also the fact that product quality has a high influence on customer satisfaction but, unfortunately, it has a low impact to word of mouth communication. The result value of customer satisfaction is influence on word of mouth communication for only 2.48 as indirect impact and also almost the same with the influence of product quality on word of mouth communication which is 2.38 as direct impact. Keywords: Word of Mouth, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Purchase Decision