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The Implementation Of History Education In Promoting Patriotism Values

History Education for primary schools in Malaysia was integrated in the curriculum in 2014 with the principal mission of implementing patriotism value among students since their early age. It was also speculated that patriotic behaviour among students will be further promoted when they were equipped with basic knowledge on patriotism via learning history subject in school.The purpose of this survey study was to examine the relationship between the students´┐Ż knowledge on patriotism and theportrayal of their patriotic behaviour. A set of questionnaire was designed and developed based on prior studies about history education as well as patriotism as a tool for data collection. 153 government primary school students aged 12 years old (Standard Six) from 15 selected schools in Malaysia was selected as the sample population. The results of the survey revealed that there is a significant relationship between knowledge and patriotic behaviour among students albeit being only at a satisfactory level.Inferential statistic that was conducted reported that students´┐Ż gender however is not an influencing factor which determine their level ofpatriotism knowledge as well astheir portrayal of patriotic behaviour which indicates that there is no gender bias in patriotism implementation through learning History. This study provides a significant view on the importance of comprehensive understanding on History subject through effective pedagogical teaching skill which will ensue patriotic behaviour among primary school students. It was also concluded with several proposals for future research to implement the study in a larger scale. Keywords: Knowledge and Practices, Patriotism Value, History Education, Primary School, History Teachers