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Environmentally Walkway And Public Opinion In Kuwait

The walkway in urban cities is one of the most important facilities for people in the city. The walkway is used for different sports and exercises such as walking, running and other aerobics exercises. Environmentally walkway must follow several standards created by Auckland Transport organization to achieve the required purposes and aims from it. Safety, recycled materials and undisturbed location are the components of successful walkway in urban cities. Questionnaire was carried out to estimate the public opinions about the constraints of the walkway design aspects such as location and facilities. It resultedwith positive respond toward walkway and considered it as essential facility for people in Kuwait. Moreover, questionnaire figured out the awareness of people in Kuwait related to implementation of environmental sustainable principle on Kuwait environment. A conceptual design for environment friendly walkway was proposed to achieve most efficient energy consumption and use recycled rubbers for the walkway floor. Theestimated cost and time were measured,they are approximately$850,000 and needaround 7 months to fully constructed. Keywords: Environment friendly, walkway, Public opinion.