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Motivation In Learning Foreign Language

English Language has served as the working language which unites speakers from all over the world. With increased in literacy, more people have access to learning English and are able to communicate effectively in English. With globalization, the world has opened up to facilitate global partnership. In this borderless world of globalization, language serves as an important unifying agent. This role could be carried out by English Language. However, there is an ever increasing interest in learning foreign language. What would be the motivation for learning a foreign language? Most people would have learnt English and their Mother Tongue early in their schooling years. However, despite the challenges that come with learning a language, many are still seeking to learn a third or a foreign language. This study looks at the motivation for learning a foreign language among undergraduates. The findings of the study would help educators to re-look at their curriculum. It would also help educators to understand how students perceived the value of languages. For this study, data is collected among undergraduates who choose to learn foreign languages as their electives. The students have no previous knowledge of the language. The objective of the study is to ascertain the motivation behind one’s decision to learn a foreign language. Why do people want to learn a foreign language? How do students choose the foreign language which they want to learn? How do students perceived the role and functions of a language. Keywords- Motivation, Foreign Language, Learning, Teaching And Globalization.