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Multi-Criteria Approach For The Evaluation Of Intelligent Buildings - Case Of The Cyber Parc Of Algiers

The introduction of new architectural technologies has led to a profound change and a radical transformation in the design and production process giving rise to new architectural expressions. The use and practice of space have been affected by digital systems of control and management of space and the interaction of the user within the built environment. The concept of intelligent building continues to this day, its evolution in all countries of the world. In Algeria, to speed up the transition of the country towards an economy of knowledge and technology, new cities for innovation and propulsion of digital technology have been planned. The study allows identifying and analyzing the key parameters of a smart architecture and putting at the disposal of designers a multi criteria approach for the assessment of the building degree of intelligence. An analysis of a representative sample of buildings of the technological environment of the cyber parc of Algiers was carried out to identify all the elements linked to the context of technology integration, behavior and adaptation of the users to the new space and functional aspects of buildings and architectural quality. Finally, a Multi criteria approach for the assessment of the degree of intelligence of buildings is established. The results of the research show that intelligent solutions are not only limited to the integration of technological systems, but the concerns of sustainability and of usability are also taken into account in a totally approach of assessment for intelligent building. In conclusion, the Multi criteria approach developed can serve as a guide for the design of intelligent buildings taking into account recommendations for its application. Index Terms - Cyber Parc, degree of intelligence, evaluation, intelligent building, multi-criteria approach.