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Implementation Of PID And LQR Controller Design For Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

In this research modelling and simulation results of altitude control for fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle UAV) are presented. The first component includes development of a physical, inertial and aerodynamic model representing an existing UAV in research. The numerical values of the stability and derivatives are computed by using analytical method. Second is the development and implementation of six degrees of freedom simulation, employing the developed model. In this paper, the controller improvement techniques are presented for small UAV. These methods can be used to convert the unstable conditions that cause by pole locations to stable conditions. And then the PID controller can be used to adjust the desired set point for UAV. To apply the UAV system, the feedback control design is linear quadratic regulator (LQR) and proportional, integral, derivative (PID) architectures. Index Terms´┐ŻUAV, PID Controller, LQR Controller, Stability Analysis, Numerical Analysis.