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A Study Of In-Service Primary School Teachers In Vijayapura City - With Reference To Education And Employment Status

Education is universally recognized as a central component of human capital. The significance of education as a contributor to the economic growth. Education and Employment both are key factor in the developing country like India. Education and Employment are most crucial way of investment for human development. Education, commonly expressed term of literacy, is understood as the ability of persons to read and write with understanding at list in one language. Employment is a very comprehensive term, which refers to the production use of all factors of production. One influences much the other and one supports the other in its effectiveness. Providing proper education to people helps them in getting appropriate employment and in excelling in it. Education leads to the production of inefficient human resources and these resources do not adequately meet the employment opportunities. So, education is requirements of employment avenues. The main objectives of present research paper are to study the primary school teachers and student enrolment ratio in Vijayapura District and to analyze the education and employment status of in-service primary school teachers in Vijayapura City. The study comes to know that the in-service teacherís education and employment status is only 13.33% respondents are pursuing education at present and 86.67% respondents are not pursuing education at present. Keywords: Education, Employment, Teachers, In-Service, HRD and Government