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Patients Satisfaction Towards Quality Of Healthcare Services Provided In Hospital Setting: Literature Review

In today’s changing scenario, the patients are increasingly involving in healthcare decisions and becoming more conscious regarding quality of healthcare service provided in hospitals rather than thinking of cost and expecting high medical care, demanding quality services at reasonable prices. Present study focuses on to know various determinants/factors of patients’ satisfaction towards quality services provided in hospitals. It also helps to know major factors that lead to satisfy patients. Study is totally based on secondary data wherein related articles, research papers and text books are reviewed. For the study, articles are reviewed which already have studied patients satisfaction by using SERVQUAL model of quality assessment. By reviewing previous studies it helps to know the major factors that satisfy patients. By observing studies, it is found that doctor-patient relationship plays an important role in satisfying the patient during treatment. Most of the studies revealed that the five dimensions – admission, medical service, overall service, discharge and social responsibility – are a distinct construct for hospital service quality. Each dimension has a significant relationship with hospital service quality. The findings of these studies also indicate that the establishment of higher levels of hospital service quality will lead customers to have a high level of satisfaction and behavioral intention. Keywords - Hospital, Quality of healthcare services, Patients satisfaction.