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A Study Of Psycho-Social Problems Of Juvenile Delinquents In Relation To Their School Adjustment

Delinquency itself is soundly inadequate adjustment on the part of the individual to difficult situation. It has been a long problem why some children. Behaviors are yet beyond the detection of expert sociologists, psychologist, and others. Children who for various reasons-including parental alcoholism, poverty, breakdown of the family, overcrowding, abusive conditions in the home, the growing HIV/AIDS scourge, or the death of parents during armed conflicts- are orphans or unaccompanied and are without the means of substance, housing and other basic necessities are at greatest risk of falling into juvenile delinquency The number of children in especially difficult circumstances is estimated to have increased from 80 million to 150 million between 192 and 2000. UN world youth report, 2003) Each juvenile offence is the outcome of a complexity of cause some of whose origins data because years before the committal of the offence and others whose origins are more obviously and immediately connected with the act of delinquency. It has been shown that a different set of cause is involved in each individual case. It is impossible therefore to state the group of causes which will invisibly result in any particular offence. In this study a researcher has taken up an as survey type of descriptive method. This method of investigation attempts to describe and interpret what exists at present in the form of conditions, practice, processes, trends, effects, attitudes, beliefs, point of view or attitudes that are hold, processes that are going on and trends that are developing. Hence this paper attempts to parents a study of psycho-social problems of juvenile delinquent children in relation to their school adjustment. Keywords - Juvenile Delinquents, school adjustment, parenting style, self concept