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Dual Language Programme (DLP): Teachers� Voice

English is a second language in Malaysia and it has influenced most of the language policies made by the government. Recently, the implementation of Dual Language Programme was introduced in line with the new policy; Uphold the Bahasa Malaysia, Strengthening the English Language (MBMMBI) DLP requires English as a medium of instructions for Mathematics and Science subjects. Thus, this qualitative case study was conducted in a secondary school to explore the challenges that the teachers faced in the implementation of the Dual Language Programme. The data were collected through semi-structured interview with 2 Science and Mathematics teachers and for the purpose of triangulation; other interviews with the head of the panel and class observation were carried out. The results indicated that teachers were facing a number of problems and challenges that they encountered during the implementation. The findings from the study could help the policymakers and school management to understand their roles to make this programme a success and to provide the the needs of teachers involved in the programme. One major implication is the role of the government to provide courses for teachers and funding research related to language programme. Index Terms� Challenges, implementation, Mathematics , Science, Dual Language Programme