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The Evaluation Of A Learning-To-Learn Writing Module For Secondary School Students

English has been taught as the second language in all Malaysian schools. It is important for the students to acquire the four skills which are reading, listening, speaking and writing in order to be proficient in the language. However, students find that writing is the most difficult skill to master and acquire. The study aims to investigate studentsí evaluation on the development of learning-to-learn writing module. The participants of this study were 30 students consist of 8 male students and 22 female students of Form Four in rural secondary school. Data were collected through questionnaire survey of Four Likert Scale related to their evaluation on the implementation of writing module in terms of suitability, usefulness and user friendliness. The results suggested that the participants showed positive evaluation on the writing module to facilitate them in writing. It was also showed that the respondents strongly agreed the used of the learning-to learn writing module was suitable, useful and user friendly in learning writing with the mean score of 3.25, 3.27 and 3.19 (high level of agreement). Keywords: Writing, Learning-To-Learn, Module And Evaluation