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Rural ESL Learners� Perceptions Of Learning To Learn Writing Module

The education system in Malaysia put emphasis on the importance of English language and it was one of the students� aspirations in the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025. Nevertheless the declining standard in English proficiency among learners leads to several interventions to help learners achieve the required proficiency. Each year the public examination results show low achievement in English subject especially in rural schools. Large part of the English paper requires learner to write essays nevertheless mostlearners having difficulty in their writing. Hence intervention is needed in that particular skill is essential. Creating writing learning-to-learn module is the researcher alternative to help learner to improve their writing skill. Prior to the implementation of the module, it is best to evaluate the module in terms of the usefulness, user friendliness and usability before the module being used for the whole Form One students. Data were collected from thirty Form One students in rural secondary school which selected through purposive sampling. A set of adapted questionnaire to explore the learners� perceptions on the writing learning-to-learn module�s usefulness,user friendliness and usability was administered. The questionnaire used the four-point Likert alternatives. The results indicated that majority of the learners� perceptions towards the writing learning-to-learn module were positive. The simple layout and simple instructions in the module contributed to the positive perceptions among learners towards the module. Findings of the study have important roles in learners� English learning process which it can be used as a guide for curriculum planners. Index term - writing, learning-to-learn,module, perceptions