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Artificial Bee Colony Based Optimum Design Of Reticulated Domes To LRFD-AISC

This study focuses on developing a structural optimization algorithm based on artificial bee colony method for solving structural design problems with discrete variables under external loading. Artificial Bee Colony algorithm is one of the swarm intelligent optimization algorithms which is inspired by honey bee foraging. The structural optimization algorithm developed minimizes the weight of a steel structure under the provisions of LRFD-AISC. A geometrically nonlinear reticulated lamella dome is designed by the algorithm developed as an example. It is shown that the performance of the proposed algorithm is quite efficient and the artificial bee colony algorithm provides another alternative for finding the optimal design of structural optimization problems. Index Terms´┐Ż Metaheuristic Search Techniques, Artificial Bee Colony, Harmony Search Optimization, Reticulated Lamella Domes, Steel Structures