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Management Improvement Using Six Sigma Methodology

Project Management (PM) is the application of knowledge, tools and techniques to effectively manage all aspects of a project to achieve high quality, deliver project on-time and within budget which leads to customer satisfaction. Many companies and service organizations have adopted and implemented Six Sigma methodologies to their projects and reduced cost, cycle time, deliver high quality projects, achieved customer satisfaction and increase the profits. Six Sigma is a quality and business improvement tool aims to eliminate defects and achieve customer satisfaction. A detailed literature review is conducted about the implementation of Six Sigma to the achieve customer satisfaction. The literature survey did not reveal the implementation of Six Sigma methodology to minimize errors in billing systems to reduce cost, cycle time and achieve customer satisfaction. In this paper, Six Sigma methodology is implemented to a customer service system project to reduce customer service time and improve service quality to achieve customer satisfaction. First, general overview about PM and Six Sigma is presented. Second, the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology is implemented to a real case study at the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL). Finally conclusion and recommendations also presented. Many software's and applications as Minitab Statistical, Visio and Excel Sheet are also used. The methodology provides several benefits to the top project management and management team at the GECOL. It can be used to identify all suspected problems and issues preventing of achieving customer satisfaction. It also can be used to rank all identified problems and issues and select the issues with higher priority which leads to cost saving and higher productivity. Furthermore, the methodology can also be used to validate the higher rank problems using statistical and probability analysis. The methodology also presented several solutions to improve and control those problems.